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So far so good. They did a good repair on the transmission of our SUV. No problems so far at all. Plus they warranty the work. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars was b/c when we got the SUV back it smelled like somebody took it on a test drive while smoking with the windows up. That was a bit unprofessional I thought, but the smell finally faded out after a couple of days. Solid work though on the transmission, though a little pricier than what I expected. I would still go back though.


I have the misfortune of owning a Volkswagen Jetta. Never again. However, for the time being I cannot afford to replace my car and for what it would cost to replace/rebuild the transmission I could not buy a comparable or better car to what I have now. I took my car to a horrible little shop in Decatur for and oil change and let them know it was shifting roughly and I was having trouble getting it to shift at all when I first started the car in the morning. They told me I need a rebuild, but they could not do repairs. I called around to several VW dealers and also a few German repair shops. Most shops don't rebuild a transmissions and dealers will only replace it with a 1 year warranty. However, one of the German shops was happy to refer me to Mr. Transmission of Marietta (not just any Mr. Transmission...the one in Marietta). I called and spoke with Tim who I'm assuming was the manager at the time. He was absolutely amazing on the phone. He took time to explain the cost to me and other possible causes for the shifting issues. He gave me a best case cost estimate and absolute worst case estimate. They also offer a 2 year warranty on transmission rebuilds, which was what pushed me closer to rebuilding versus buying a new car. Took my car in. I got daily calls from Tim until it was ready. He really wanted it to be the speed sensor, because that would have been a cheap repair. There was some other damage under the hood from rodents nibbling on wires, but ultimately the transmission had to be rebuilt. They had to keep my car for about a week, and after it was over my car was good as new. I was hoping that I'd just have to take it back for the 10 day check, but instead I had to take it back because it was having trouble shifting after driving on the interstate for about an hour. I took it back and they kept it for a few days, but they could not recreate the issue. I believe Vick was the manager at that point and he didn't doubt that was happening, and he even offered to let me call him on the weekend if it happened again. He was also just as willing as Tim to spend time on the phone with me to answer questions. Eventually, the car started to shift roughly again and I took it back to the shop where they honored the 2 year warranty. They had to keep my car for another week. The shop wasn't as good about calling me back the 2nd time around, but the repairs were done at no charge. When I picked it up, Vick told me that he was certain that I wouldn't have any more issues. All of this took place between late June and Labor Day weekend. So far, the transmission is holding up and shifting better than it did when I bought the car. So why not 5 stars? They put a paper mat in the driver's side floor board, but the glove box and door panels were moderately smudge with black grease. Also, on the 2nd visit someone dug out the red plastic that covers the panic button on the key fob.


I was referred here by my repair shop. They said that Mr. Transmission was reputable and would not try to sell me anything that I did not need. True to their word they did not. I went in with pretty much a self-confirmation attitude that I was going to be spending a couple grand to replace the transmission, and they very well could have said, hey you need a transmission job done, because it was skipping hard. Turns out that the computer system for the gear shifting needed to be reset. Mark is the owner. He was polite, honest, and quick to get me in and out of there even as busy as they were. The front desk reception was great as well, they made me feel comfortable and gave me attention as I came in. I even got a call first thing the next morning from Mark to make sure everything was ok with the car. I recommend this transmission shop over all others in the Marietta area. thanks Mark.

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